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2 Ways to Keep Cool During Summer Job Interviews


When looking for jobs in Perth, first impressions are essential during job interviews. One of the most important first impressions you can offer is the way you present yourself with your clothes. With the weather getting warmer, however, it can be difficult to find the appropriate attire that can keep you comfortable in the heat.

Staying cool during job interviews can be challenging at any time of year. The summer months, especially in warm weather locations can be particularly problematic, however.

Fortunately, depending on the job interview attire best suited to the job you’re trying to land, there are ways to help you keep looking and feeling cool and confident, including:

Allot Extra Travel Time

Plan your transport to the job interview to give yourself more than enough time to arrive punctually. Well planned transports will give you extra time to compose yourself and review questions you expect to come up during the interview.

Drive if you can, as this will allow you to sit in your air conditioned car with your jacket or blazer hanging, lint and wrinkle free on a hanger at the back.

If you must take public transportation, ride a cab if possible, so you can go to the meeting directly, in an air conditioned and speedy ride. If you choose to take other means of public transportation or walk, give yourself more than enough time. After all, there’s nothing that can ruin your turnout faster than rushing through city streets trying to get to the interview on time.

Dress for Warm Weather

Even though the attire required for job interviews doesn’t change based on the weather, choose garments made from lightweight natural or breathable materials. For instance, women should wear conservative dresses, unlined trousers, or skirts with blouses or shells under unlined blazers and hosiery, and closed or open toe shoes. Men should go for lightweight khakis or trousers, absorbent cotton vests, and lightweight dress shirts. Top it off with breathable jackets and ties they can put on the last minute, and dark socks and dress shoes.

It can be difficult to keep cool and confident when looking for jobs during the summer, especially in warm weather locations. If you’re planning to look for jobs in WA in warm weather, think of ways you can make the experience more comfortable.