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3 Biggest Threats to Your Boat’s Health

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Boats with coversWhether you just bought a big or small boat, a customized watercraft or a basic one, you still need to protect it from things that threaten its health. The fact is that a boat is a huge investment and unless you take good care of it, you risk losing the money you spent on it.

So, what are the biggest threats to your boat? Here’s a list:

1. The Elements

A harsh weather can severely damage your boat over time. Snow and heavy rainfall are particularly destructive. To keep your boat safe, it’s wise to invest in one of those waterproof bass boat covers. Choose a cover with a great material if you want to keep it for a long time.

2. Dirt

One of the simplest yet best ways to maintain your boat is by washing it regularly. Stains on your gel coat not only affect your vessel’s appearance; it can shorten its life as well. Take the time to clean your boat using the right materials. Wax the boat regularly to keep it shiny and attractive.

3. Moisture

While it’s important to wipe your boat after pulling out of the water, you also need to keep it dry at other times. Moisture is harmful to your watercraft. Seawater can corrode the vessel’s body, especially because of its salt content. Scupper water, on the other hand, will stain the hull, while morning dew is often to blame for mildew. For this reason, it’s best to have several towels on board to wipe off any moisture.

Every boat needs protection from threats to stay in great shape for the longest time. The good news is that with some routine maintenance, you can ward off any potential threats to your boat and keep it looking great through the years.