Laminator equipment

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Laminator Performing at Its Best

Straight Study

Much like any other business, sign traders can only maximise revenues if they keep operating costs as low as possible. With sound quality and user-friendly machines, your business can grow and expand fast.

However, part of the things that will likely wreak havoc in your finances is the repairs and replacements costs that will arise even when you don’t expect. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure you minimise these risks. Here are some of them.

1. Always Turn it Off After Use

After a long day of work, your large-format laminator will probably overheat. Excess heating might cause your costly machine damages.

Therefore, it can be a prudent habit to ensure you turn it off every day after use, so you protect the motors. Also, your equipment cools down when you turn it off, reducing the risk of fire and injuries.

2. Keep Sharp Object Away From Rollers

Sharp objects, such as razors, knives and scissors, can be dangerous. When they come in direct contact with rollers, they can easily scratch off the coating.

These marks can cause creasing when using the equipment, affecting the quality of its output. You might also incur massive costs in repairs and replacements down the line.

3. Avoid Items Covered with Glitter

For the machine to work at its optimum, there must be heat transfer between specific components. Unfortunately, most glitters are non-conductors.

So, when they get onto the rollers, they make the machine work harder to transfer enough heat. The end result is that it could wear out too fast and become inefficient.

With technology taking centre stage in the sign trade industry, manufacturers have invented machines that are much more advanced than never before.

Today’s devices are more efficient in the sense that they don’t just produce multiple copies at a time, but can laminate a range of items — from photographs to banners and everything in between.