3 Factors to Consider When Installing Sliding Barn Doors

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Sliding Barn DoorAlmost every contemporary house remodel today is bringing sliding barn doors inside as an alternative to traditional doors, especially in rooms that do not have a compact layout. One of the major features of this kind of door is that you do not have to cut walls to install one. How the door will look and open entirely depends on your preferred design style.

You can customise the door to fit your taste, and the good news is that you only need a little help to do the installation. But, there are these three major considerations to factor in before you begin the installation process:

1. Sufficient opening space

You would not want to have little space left for you to access a room when the sliding door opens. It is, therefore important you have enough wall space along which the door will slide, and check that the door does not cover switches, plugs and vents when it opens.

2. Do you need privacy?

Since these doors do not seal openings as standard doors do, they are only suitable for rooms that need little to no privacy. Will you add a lock? No, do not do that. It will prove problematic. So, although you want to enhance your bathrooms’ or bedroom’s décor, it is not advisable you go replacing your lockable doors with sliding doors.

3. Can your wall handle the weight?

Typically, these doors are made of wood, which means they can be so heavy that some walls (depending on the structural material) cannot hold the weight of the door together with its hardware. And, even though your house structure could be stable, for added support, ensure you find a solid timber stud under the drywall on which you will attach the door’s track.

While sliding barn doors are mainly of wood, your modern home’s interior design could look better with a glass door. What is of primary significance here is that the door meet the purpose you have set for the particular room you plan to install it.