3 Signs of a Good Family Physician

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Family doctorBased on 2010 figures, there were about 209,000 primary care physicians practicing in the U.S. Some families work with the same physicians for generations, but there are also those times when you move cities or break up with your doctors, and you need to find a new one. Here are some signs of a good family doctor.

Consider these if you’re currently searching for a family physician in south Jordan.

A good family doctor knows how to listen

Have you ever been to a doctor’s clinic and get the feeling that the physician couldn’t wait to wrap things up or continuously cuts in on you while you’re talking? If your current physician does that, break up with him or her. We all know that doctors are busy professionals but remember, you are not just paying for their expertise, you are also paying for their time. A good doctor should be able to not just “hear” your concerns but also listen with a sincere and caring attitude.

A good family doctor can share medical knowledge simply

A good doctor should be knowledgeable not just about your immediate health concerns but also about your overall wellness. He or she should be able to spot concerns before they become problems. More so, he or she should be able to explain to you in simple terms complex medical terms. If your doctor keeps on using medical jargons even if you ask to explain what they are about, fire him or her.

A good family doctor is available for emergencies

You’d want a family doctor who would take your call in the middle of the night or during holidays for emergencies. So make sure you are well aware of your chosen doctor’s policy about after-hours calls. It’s also important to know who you can call or where you can go in cases when your doctor couldn’t attend to your emergency needs. A good family physician always has a backup plan.

Finding A Good One

Remember, finding a good family doctor can take some time, so don’t rush. Make sure you do interviews and personal visits before you commit so you can gauge if his or her personality complements yours.