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3 Surprising Causes of, Um, Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a big turn off. This is not just an exaggeration, because statistics show that halitosis is one of the biggest reasons why people turn down a second date with potential romantic interests. Although people are well aware of the most common causes of bad breath—poor dental hygiene, smoking, and eating garlic and onion-filled food—there are still hidden truths about this oral problem.

Here are some of the most surprising causes of bad breath:


1. Clogged nose

When you are sick and cannot breathe through your nose, the only choice is to inhale and exhale through the mouth. When the mouth is constantly open, however, it dries up and the proper flow of saliva is restricted. When this happens, the mouth’s natural cleanser fails to wash out food residue, neutralise acids that cause tooth problems, and monitor the presence of bacteria. Experts from say that the less saliva there is in the mouth, the more bacteria. This is what leads to the bad odour.

2. Mouth wash

You read that right; your mouth wash may cause bad breath. Research suggests that the alcohol present in most mouth wash brands causes a drying effect in the mouth, which makes it more prone to bacteria, causing the bad smell. Experts recommend buying mouth wash that has no alcohol ingredients; instead, find products that have antibacterial substances such as cetylpyridinium chloride, which helps in cleaning particles in the mouth.

3. Sweets

Health professionals say that when sugar enters the mouth and goes to the hard-to-reach corners of teeth, bacteria grows and often leads to bad breath. If you cannot control your sweet tooth, you can choose chocolates as a substitute for candies. Chocolates melt faster and contain less sugar. Some also have calcium, which is an essential agent in protecting enamel.

See a dental practitioner if you are experiencing bad breath problems. Dentists can address the problem immediately. Visiting the dentist can also shed light on other health problems that may be the real cause of halitosis.