3 Ways of Ensuring Your Water at Home Is Safe for Drinking

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Pouring water from bottle to glassThe availability of pure drinking water is a necessity for every home. However, not all homes have access to safe drinking water. Contaminated water could be one that has a repulsing taste, color or smell.

Such water may result in the alteration of a food’s normal taste where it is used in preparing a meal. In worse cases, it may result in sickness.

Dealing with Foreign Bodies

The presence of foreign particles in your home water is an indication of contaminated water. You may consider installing a home main-line water filter from Superior Water Conditioners to remove any solid particles.

Such an installation saves you money that you would otherwise spend unblocking the clogged pipes in your house. It provides a safe way of making your home water clean without the addition of unwanted chemicals.

Use of Solar Distillation

Solar distillation provides an effective non-chemical method of water purification. That is especially so water suspected of containing microbes. The equipment concentrates heat radiation on the water, which results in high temperatures, sufficient to destroy the pathogens.

The equipment is relatively small in size and light in weight, which makes it easily portable. Therefore, you can take it outside whenever you need to purify some water for consumption purposes.

Cloth Filtration and Boiling

A combination of the two procedures is probably the most used method of purifying water. It uses a piece of cotton cloth to remove any foreign materials such as mud, plant matter, and insects.

The water is then boiled for sufficient periods of time to kill any germs present. Upon cooling, the water goes into a clean container used for drinking.

With more chemicals continuously declared to be carcinogenic, it becomes safe for people to reduce both their direct and indirect chemical intake. The use of non-chemical water purification methods provides an important alternative means of reducing exposure to chemicals.