3D Flexible Filaments

3 Ways to Get the Best 3D Printing Results with Flexible Filaments

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3D Flexible FilamentsWhen it comes to 3D printing, the more realistic-looking, the better. With hundreds of printing methods and products being introduced in the market, it comes as no surprise how good the outcome is actually getting.

Here, Keene Village Plastics will give you a run-down of how to print in 3D using flexible filaments.

Do it Slowly

When it comes to flexible filaments and 3D printing, the slower, the better. The recommended speed for flexible filament is between 30 to 40 mm per second. If you can go down to five millimeters per second, then that’s great. It truly is a slow process, but you will be getting amazing 3D results in return anyway.

Avoid doing it faster than the recommended speed, as this can only lead to pressure buildup in your extruder and give a messy print.

The Temperature Should be Just Right

Heat up your extruder to the right amount, allowing the filament to flow easily on the nozzle. Avoid heating it too much, as this can lead to uneven and stringy prints.

Adjust your printer’s heat constantly and check it at all times to make sure you’re not leaving it on too hot or too cold. Never leave your printer alone, even for a second, as this can cause a miserable failure.

Keep the Retraction Settings Perfect

Another thing to watch out for is the retraction setting. This can relieve the pressure that can build up from the hot end and can help keep the filament from getting pushed through your nozzle when the extruder is not being used for printing.

Lower your retraction’s settings when your extruder is clogged. If you want, you can try adjusting it to zero. Do this slowly, as moving fast can lead to a disaster. However, if extra material is oozing out of your nozzle, then you might want to increase the distance or speed of your retraction.

Always follow the right instructions and you will be good to go. Ask your supplier and do proper research to make sure you will be successful in using your flexible filaments for 3D printing.