Workers carrying packed boxes

4 Best Tips to Save Time When Packing Goods

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Workers carrying packed boxesIf you’re looking to improve profits in your business, then an excellent place to start is by making all processes faster. Time is money, and the more you waste, the higher your losses. It’s that simple. How efficient are your packaging processes? Here are four tips to fine-tune them.

Pick the appropriate packaging

Your packaging material needs to be suited to the kind of products you handle. If you use boxes, make sure that they’re big enough for the products to fit in easily. You may want to use a stillage cage because it saves the time needed for loading and unloading a product. Stillage cages are suitable for a wide range of products.

Standardise all systems

A lot of time is spent on making decisions during packaging. To take the thinking out of the packaging equation, it’s good to set clear guidelines on how everything needs to be done. Come up with a checklist that details which packaging material should be used and how goods should be arranged for shipping.

Maintain an organised warehouse

The space you use for packaging needs to be easy to operate on. You can achieve that coming up with a shelving system that’s efficient. Keep all the fast selling products in an easy to reach the area. Make sure that heavy products aren’t too high on the shelves where they aren’t easily accessible. Lay all packaging equipment in a logical order too.

Get ready for peak seasons

You already know which times of the year sales increase drastically. For instance, expect a busy period on the days leading to Christmas. Get all packaging materials ready, so you avoid delays during these times. You may also need to hire temporary staff to help out with the packing during such periods.
Saving time on the packaging does not happen by luck. You need to take deliberate steps to make sure it happens, but it’s all worth the effort.