4 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Tank Contractor

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When your project requires an API 650 storage tank, whether it’s the key element or just part of the plan, finding the right tank contractor is crucial to the success of your venture. There are many factors to consider, including schedule, pricing, materials, geographic location, the blueprint’s requirements, and the contractor’s capabilities.

Projects involving welded steel tanks can be extremely costly, and a contractor who doesn’t contribute to the bottom line is a huge problem. Consider these winning tips on choosing contractors for your construction project.


Take a quick tour of the company’s website to know what types of tanks they build as well as the kind of facilities they work in. You should also talk to them for more insight into their expertise. It’s also common practice to request information about their similar projects or their experience in general.


In every industry, reputation is what defines a company. Check the contractor’s reputation and see if there’s any former client of theirs whom you can talk to. Ask a few questions about other customer’s experience—from construction to after-sales service.


Support is invaluable especially in the early stages of the project, so your tank contractor should be accessible whenever you have questions. They should be able to assist with the preliminary schedule, pricing, and technical information as the construction goes. Most importantly, they should help you in getting the most value out of your project.


Check your local Better Business Bureau for evidence of bonding, insurance, and other information that reflects the tank company’s stability. You need assurance that they won’t be gone once the job is done.

Selecting a tank contractor involves various factors, but these tips should help narrow down your choices. Doing your homework will have a substantial payoff and will define your project’s overall success.