4 Practical and Profitable Ways to Use Your Vacant Land

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Aerial View Of Vacant LandsWhen used properly, land can be a good source of income. Whilst there are thousands of activities you can conduct on your land, you need to go for the ones that suit your taste and are allowed by your local administration. In case you have no idea about on how to put your land to good use, read on to get started.

Farming or Gardening

Depending on the type of soil, the size of land, climate, demand in the area and other factors, a vacant land can be ideal for farming. The characteristics of your land should determine the type of crops that you should grow. If you are not sure where to begin, then you should contact land development consultants to see what advice they can offer.


If you own a land that is large enough for dirt biking, mountain biking, paintball tournaments and other recreational activities, then that would be great. The best thing with this type of property is that it requires little to no development. In addition, it does not require any on-going maintenance.

Raising Livestock

If your vacant land is situated in or near a livestock farming community, it is wise to use it for similar activities. You can make money by raising animals, such as cows, goats, horses, sheep and chicken on the farm. Alternatively, you can lease out the land to a livestock farmer in the area, according to Cato Bolam Consultants.


Your piece of land can be a source of education for the younger generations. For example, you can contact your local Boy and Girl Scout troops and offer your land to them for annual or semi-annual camping trips. This can turn into a profitable venture if you charge a small fee and maintain the land regularly.

Your vacant land may also serve as a playground or a picnic site. It is important to use your land wisely in order to get all the benefits. Ask a land development consultant for other ideas.