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5 Website Usability Errors that Ruin Conversion Rate

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Your customers rely on your site’s usability to get what they want, be it product information, contact numbers, or order forms. With extensive efforts to make the website more visually appealing, some developers – especially those who do not hire professional website development companies in Brisbane – forget to prioritise function. As a result, their conversion rate isn’t as good as it should be.

Avoid these top five usability pitfalls for your site to ensure better conversion:

Complicated layout

Always put yourself in the shoes of your audience, as you want them to access your site. With that said, consider their logic in placing website elements. Don’t place the navigation pane at the bottom when it should be at the fixed header. Avoid using different colours outside the convention or adding elements that seem out-of-place.

Heavy focus on aesthetics

Keep in mind that the main purpose of your website is to help users. If it fails to achieve this end, your layout needs to change. The audience won’t engage with your content and videos if the design doesn’t help them solve their problem.

Understand what your audience wants and needs on your site. Keyword research, user query analysis, and behaviour pattern tracking are just a few methods you could use and combine to improve your site.

Forgotten and misspelled words

The purpose of quality content is to enhance user experience, answer the audience’s queries, define the benefits of your service or product, spark emotions, engage, and make users take action. In putting up content on your site, though, make sure that there are no misspellings, jargon, and missed keywords. Every piece should be clear and contextual.

Unclear choices and directions

Don’t give your users too many options, but be sure to define the courses of action they could take. Links should be clear, download buttons must be accessible and easily visible. Social media badges should always be ready.

Zero communication

Give your customers an opportunity to talk to you and provide feedback on the site. Let them report bugs and send enquiries so you could exert the effort to improve user experience on their next visits.

Simple pitfalls can ruin your conversion rate. This is why you should make sure that your website is always efficient and ergonomic.