A Change in Attitude: Studying Done the Right Way

Straight Study

a woman in uniform writing on her notebookDespite the clichés surrounding on how students should spend their time, many schools are still equating high grades with long study hours. While this may be true for some, studying smart is more practical and effective. There are no shortcuts, but a change in attitude could help in studying.

Here are some tips on how to improve students’ attitude in studying:

Be resourceful.

Different materials and methods of learning could broaden the knowledge of students. Some seek tutors who have expertise in a specific field, while others settle for free online classes.

In Singapore, for instance, tutors in Economics may help in shortening the time required to learn concepts compared with studying them directly from textbooks. As a result, students’ questions are answered directly and confusions are outright clarified.

Answering sample GCE-A Levels exams may also help students in answering differently worded questions, which could help in managing their time during exams.

Be positively anxious.

Anxiety may fuel a person’s fight or flight engine. Here, stress levels may elevate. With flight, a student may procrastinate and put off their tasks later during the day. Tasks put off only pile up, increasing the stress of the student.

If their fight engine is on, however, they are motivated to do tasks as soon as possible. They do their tasks more systematically, too. This way, they can reduce their workload significantly and give more time for relaxation and recreation.

Be resilient.

Students who are not easily disheartened by low grades see the former as a motivation to do better. They focus on their strengths and understand their weaknesses. In addition, they learn better and discover study techniques through their mistakes.

While it is equally important to be motivated and to learn from mistakes, students should look beyond achievement. What is most important is the process on arriving at an achievement. Here, lifelong habits are formed and virtues are permanently cultivated.