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A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Vinyl Floors

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Man choosing vinyl floor designsVinyl flooring is one of the more popular options for commercial spaces. This type of commercial flooring can keep your costs down. Whether you run a retail store or a healthcare facility, you could save money with the water- and stain-resistance and durability of vinyl. Also, it’s affordable and easy to install.

But while it’s resilient and will last a long while, it doesn’t mean that your vinyl flooring system in Sydney can’t do without some maintenance work.

Here’s a quick guide to maintaining the durability of your vinyl floors.

On a daily basis:

Your office or retail space sees plenty of foot traffic every day. What this means is that dirt will get tracked indoors, and the bits that stay on the surface of your vinyl floors will affect the quality of your flooring. Why? Dirt and grime will act like sandpaper, which will turn your floors dull and unattractive.

So you’ll need your maintenance crew to sweep the floor once a day. This should remove loose soil or other abrasive sediments.

You’ll also need the floor mopped up, and you’ll have to clean up spills immediately. Spills not only create a hazardous situation for guests or customers, but the excess moisture could also get into seams and edges. What gets through could affect the glue that’s holding the vinyl in place.

As prevention:

Preventative measures allow you to keep the beauty and durability of your vinyl floors. The following methods are suitable for this purpose:

– Don’t use abrasive cleaning materials, from the cleaning solutions to the equipment; for instance, a vacuum with a beater bar could scratch the floor

– Move furniture with care; use a strip of hardwood when moving equipment using dollies or carts with wheels; never drag items across the floor

– Use the appropriate cleaning method for your type of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring delivers a number of advantages for your commercial space. Look after it well and it will continue to serve your business well.