DEF Fluid Pumps

Answers to Common Questions Asked about Running A DEF Fluid Pumps

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 DEF Fluid PumpsDiesel exhaust fluid has earned global recognition for their ability to reduce the emission of toxic gases such as nitrogen and carbon oxides into the atmosphere. 67.5% of its composition is deionized water, and the remaining 32.5% is pure urea.

Here are some of the important facts on how to handle running a DEF fluid pump.

  • How much fluid is required?

Just like conventional pumps, the total fluid required depends on the amount of work or time that the pump will be in use. Environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature also affect the consumption of DEF. For instance, during humid and cold weather, the pump is more likely to consume less fluid compared to hot and dry weather conditions.

  • What is the cost?

The cost of one gallon of DEF fluid in most stores ranges between $3 and $4. However, it is recommended to compare the prices in different stations to get the most bang for your buck.

  • How often should the DEF tank be refilled?

Most of the DEF tanks should be refilled every time you refuel the pump. In most cases, the neck of the DEF tank is strategically located on the same side as the diesel tank. This makes it easy for you to refill both at the same and minimize the chances of forgetting.

  • What will happen if the fluid runs out?

First, you should never allow your pump to run without this fluid, as this can affect its efficiency negatively. Most of the DEF pumps and machines have a LED indicator that displays the amount of fluid in the tank. In fact, some pumps will automatically shut down if the tank is dry. To be on the safe side, check the level of the fluid periodically.

Indeed, with the advent of DEF, it is no longer effective to use diesel without it. Still, check the user’s manual to get more insights on how to take good care of your pump.