Are the Pesticides Used to Control Termites Safe?

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Man removing wood damaged by termite infestation in house.It’s important to make your structures less appealing to termites. You also need to be always on the alert for an infestation. If you find and identify termites, one of the ways to keep them out is by using pesticides. But are insecticides used against termites safe? Read on to learn more.

Are termiticides safe?

The EPA regulates all pesticides sold, applied, or distributed across the country. The agency works to ensure that the approved pesticides meet the safety standards to safeguard the environment and human health.

EPA-approved chemical treatments for termites include termite baits, wood treatments, and soil applied termiticides. Despite EPA’s approval, most of these termiticides are highly toxic. Accordingly, it’s the property owner's responsibility to use the pesticides without unnecessary risks to human life and the environment.

What to do to protect your health and the environment

1. Follow label directions

It’s important to follow label directions strictly. You should not use a termiticide if you don’t have the knowledge, expertise, and the equipment specified by the label. Otherwise, hire a certified Indiana termite service provider to minimize risks and maximize effectiveness.

2. Use environmentally friendly pesticides

Look for a termite service that is open to use of environmentally friendly insecticides. Such pesticides should help keep termites out without polluting the environment.

3. Try non-chemical treatments

Sometimes, it’s possible to control termites without using insecticides. Some of the strategies include the use of physical barriers, such as steel mesh and sands, as well as the use of biological control agents. Talk to a termite control expert about fitting non-chemical treatments.

While termites are an important part of the ecosystem, they will be a problem if they get into your property. As such, you must always be on an alert for these pests. If you notice or suspect an infestation, call for professional help immediately.