Avoiding First-Time Pitfalls when Camping

Straight Study

An escape for relaxation and exploration is about changing your outlook, stepping out of your routine, and going on an outdoor adventure this weekend. Camping in your own country is as good as traveling overseas. First-timers, though, may experience downsides. To avoid this, What’s Up Down Under, shares tips on avoiding first-time pitfalls.

Learn the Lay of the Land

Australia houses remote travel destinations; and a road trip is what it takes to explore those spots. Before you choose your wheels, plan what you want to see in your country. Be wise on how long your trip is going to be. Unlike New Zealand, Australia may take you days to drive between cities. Look for the ideal camping site to know what wheels you’ll need.

Avoid Starvation and Dehydration with Enough Supplies

Being hungry and dehydrated can avoid making smart decisions in a survival situation. Experts say people can survive for three days without water and three weeks without food. Pack water purification tools like filters, and snacks like dried fruits to satisfy hunger and thirst. Cooking is easier with a caravan and motorhome that have stoves and other kitchen equipment. They will serve as your home, providing you with all the comforts you need while allowing you to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Keep Warm with Fire Pit

Keeping warm is one of the keys to survival, and waterproof matches or a lighter is essential for your trip. For added safety, practice using flint and steel to create a bonfire. Use smaller kindling, like twigs, to start your fire, and then add large pieces of wood once the fire gets going.

Compass Your Way Around

Today, compasses may have become obsolete. Most campers now use GPS and GIS devices to navigate their way around. While in the wilderness, GPS features may not be easy to use with limited Wi-Fi capability. This is why it’ll be better to pull out your compass and find your way back to your campsite.

After all, a fun getaway doesn’t require a plane ticket, baggage fees and a costly hotel accommodation. All you need is a caravan and camping tips to enjoy an Aussie escapade. Visit www.whatsupdownunder.com.au for more survival tips and to make sure you have everything you need.