Bedroom Secrets: Why The Lack Of Intimacy?

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You get home, prepare for bed, and snuggle up with your partner, but the flame of passion doesn’t seem to come to you tonight. It might just be the stress from work, but other culprits may be the reason your libido has gone down the drain.

Studies show that antidepressants and painkillers may cause difficulty with arousal and orgasm. Some medications with estrogen and progesterone hormones also put extra strain on the body, which can throw off the mood for physical intimacy.

Sticking to fad diets may also throw the body out of its usual libido cycle. When the body doesn’t get enough nutrients to keep running, you might just come out exhausted for a night of passion. Instead of losing weight through fad diets, consulting a nutritionist may be a better option.

Bedroom intimacy may come at a low when you’ve been together with your partner for many years. Sometimes, it’s not just about what drives you wild, but it may also be about the things that keep your attention from some physical connection. The best cure for a lack of intimacy is to talk it out with your partner and know what works best for both sides.