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Best Practices in Productive Workplace Design

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Most businesses acknowledge the fact that a well-designed office improves productivity and enhances efficiency, but only few actually implement changes to reflect it. Many claim to have more important priorities for their limited budget. The same companies forgo comfortable office furniture or hiring an expert to redesign their workplace.

A well-designed office, however, not only improves productivity and enhances efficiency; it also promotes good health and overall wellbeing among employees. According to a design director, good office design is an investment in perception for public companies.

Whether you own a start-up or have been in the business for years, it’s important to pay attention to your office design. By investing in office renovations, you’ll see your company grow and succeed.

Here are some of the best practices in productive workplace design:

Create Different Zones

Every vibrant city has various zones, and great workplaces should, too. Create zones in the office to play, collaborate, concentrate, socialise, and create. If you’re based in Western Australia, get help from an expert in office remodelling in Perth, Joondalup, or Albany and play around with your floor plan to see how you can remodel your workplace to accommodate different types of work.

Let Creativity Run Free

Promote creativity by allowing employees to be themselves. Recognise that each person has unique characteristics – some love doodling, others are interested with everything digital. There are also who have a penchant for the odd and bizarre. Embrace these design options in your workplace. Express the culture and personality of your company by encouraging them to personalise their space the way they want.

Invest in Furniture

Budget-conscious business owners think they can save money on budget furniture, but they’re actually not saving anything. Only when their body starts to suffer the ill effects of an uncomfortable chair— general discomfort, lower back pain, and poor posture—do they begin to pay attention to how and where they’re sitting. Don’t compromise the health of your employees. Invest in ergonomic furniture and promote overall wellbeing in the office.

Partner with office renovation companies like The Caretakers today and transform your office into a more comfortable place to work in. Read magazines like Facilities Management and visit the website of the Lifestyle Channel for more office design tips and advice.