Bounce Rates: Why Customers Leave You

Straight Market

woman typingAs defined by Google Analytics, a bounce rate is the total number of visitors entering a specific page and exiting that same page. It measures the quality of each visit; a higher percentage shows that you clearly need a major site overhaul from professional web designers.

As an e-commerce business owner, you need to make your pages appealing to each visitor to keep them engaged with your brand. From well-designed layouts to quick loading pages, there are a number of ways to keep surfers hooked. Just be sure to avoid these web design blunders:

Bad design

While not all viewers are design centric, they can still spot poor design. Ideally, your website design should subtly reinforce your business’s brand. Your design should also go hand-in-hand with user experience – from colour choices to typography selections.

Unexpected popups

They flash, they slide, they wiggle, they float in from one side of the page, and they drop from nowhere. Popups are small ads that instantly appear somewhere in your monitor even if you did not click a link. While some popups can offer something worth the roadblock, they disrupt the overall user experience, making them one of the reasons you have a higher bounce rate.

Sluggish navigation

Many people are always on the go, so a slow loading website can be a complete annoyance. If users don’t get the information they need right away, they’ll look for another site with a better and faster user experience. Don’t leave anything to your viewers’ guesswork; do them a favour and provide responsive navigation. If necessary, have your website redesigned by professional website designers for better results.

Poor web content

Content adds value to the visitors and makes them want to know more if they find your site interesting. Your site’s purpose should be evident immediately, and expressed clearly in your website’s content. While design can be a great way to catch their awareness, this shouldn’t be your first requirement to reduce your site’s bounce rate. Unique and well-written pieces of content are still important.

Lastly, don’t always view a high bounce rate as a bad thing. Take it as a challenge to make sure you will provide the best for your clients.