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Break that Old-Style Cake: Decorating Cakes in a Unique Way

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Huge smiles and satisfied appetites are what you’ll get from guests if you serve a delicious and creative party cake. Whatever the theme of the kid’s party you’re throwing, nothing beats the delightful goodness of a slice of cake. If you’re planning to make a homemade cake for your child’s party, why limit yourself to a boring square cake with a simple dedication on it?

Though there’s no doubt that an ordinary cake is delicious, there are so many ways to add a little magic and imagination to your child’s birthday cake. Serve adorable treats with unique and attractive designs. You can enroll in cake decorating online courses to enhance your skills. Be creative in your own way and be prepared for guests rushing to your cake table. Set a theme for the party and bake a cake that will make the event even more fun.

The following are some cake ideas you can consider:

Royalty Birthday Cake

Come up with a creative royalty birthday cake for your little princess. This is one of the most common themes for toddlers in preschool and elementary. You can actually make the cake look like a princess. You can make a mountain-shape cake, cut a hole on top and place your little girl’s favourite doll in it. Use colourful icing to decorate the cake.

Car Birthday Cake

Many little boys love playing with toy cars and trains. Using the same items for their birthday cake is a great way to decorate the centrepiece of the party. You can use frosting to draw a car or train on it. If you’re skillful enough, you can make the cake look like a big train, plane, or car, instead. There are appropriate baking tools to come up with a creative and delicious treat. Sign up for cake-decorating lessons online and learn to create a unique and delightful car or train birthday cake.

Animal Kingdom Birthday Cake

If your child likes animals, then you can make the cake look like the animal kingdom. You can put edible animal cake toppings to decorate. Make it more appealing and appetising by including different add-ons like edible flower or grass toppers. You can also use edible clay to create letters and designs of your choice.

Gone are the days when only plain square and round cakes were the only options for a party. Browse the Internet further and learn more about the different creative cake decorating ideas.