Skills in NGO Sector

Building Your Career in the Not-For-Profit Sector

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Skills in NGO SectorJobs in not-for-profit organisations are becoming more appealing for many young professionals in Australia. NGO work promises great career advancement, work opportunities, and an array of experience designed to expand your skill set while taking part in community building.

Working for an NGO gives you the opportunity to create significant changes in the world without having to trade off your professional growth. Here is what to know about careers in NGOs.

Landing a Good Job in an NGO? Not so Difficult, After All

Many assume that working in a not-for-profit organisation requires a community-oriented degree. Some think, for instance, that a diploma of community services work is a necessity to land a career in the NGO world.

Fortunately, many job opportunities in the NGO sector demand skills other than community work. Accounting, fundraising, operations, and management are just some of the many skills that are in demand in the NGO sector. You only have to scour the web for jobs that fit your qualifications.

Volunteering to Enter NGOs

In the NGO world where personal experience, character, and motivation are all necessary for getting the job done, a significant work experience in the field typically outweighs paper qualifications. Doing internships could help you land a good NGO job.

Take note though that internship in the not-for-profit sector is usually free. You have to make sure that you have ample resources to volunteer. As you gain experience, though, you are closer to getting that NGO job.

For a career where social change and professional growth go hand in hand, getting a job in the not-for-profit sector is definitely for you. Apart from all the qualifications that you have and the experience that you have gained, what you need is the motivation for personal and professional growth, and an intense passion to help others.