Bunded Fuel Tankers: Why it is Your Best Bet

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Engineers inspecting a fuel tankSafety and efficiency are crucial, especially in the fuel tanking industry. Given that companies ship these for long periods over land, investing in safe delivery while maximizing carrying capacity is not only good for business, but also for the community.

There is no shortage of fuel tankers available for sale, but bunded fuel trucks are definitely worth considering. These vehicles contain special internal walls that help reinforce the storage compartment, preventing the contents from spilling out.

Here are three reasons bunded fuel tankers are superior.


Fuel tankers travel vast distances at any given time. They are usually subject to varying weather and road conditions. A truck could drive through a paved road at first, and then suddenly end up in a very rough road.

Bunded tankers can withstand these conditions without compromising their cargo, as the inner barriers are generally made of reinforced steel. For instance, double-bunded fuel tankers promise to keep their load in great condition from departure to arrival.


Trucks regularly carry hazardous AND expensive cargo on a regular basis. Any leaks or other accidents can be costly in life, limb, and money.

Bunded fuel tankers keep both the cargo and the people safe by preventing leakages, and resisting extreme weather conditions (e.g. extreme heat that could damage thinner walls and ignite the contents) or tampering (like in the case of theft).

Health and environment considerations

The Australian government strictly enforces regulations on trucking, namely on bunding and spill prevention. This is to prevent health hazards, as well as environmental damage. Steel bunded tankers are best for meeting this prerequisite, as they are impervious to drilling, heat, or difficult driving conditions.

These are the main factors to keep in mind when choosing fuel tankers for sale. By making use of bunded trucks, you save money, lives, and the environment.