Canada To Claim The North Pole

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have announced its plan to claim the North Pole, as he instructed officials to include the cold region in the country’s upcoming Arctic claim submission to the United Nations.

Claiming the North Pole

Canada, however, is not the only one who wants it. Citing multiple reports, Russia and Denmark also expressed interest in claiming the North Pole.

Countries interested must submit proposals to the U.N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf to request an extension of their borders.

Currently, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Norway, and the US are given 200 nautical miles of extension from their northern coasts.

Permission to extend boundaries

Countries may extend their territories for up to 350 miles, if granted by the U.N. commission.

For now, no government has political sovereignty over the North Pole, although that has not stopped Russia from trying to claim the region.

It seems Canada, on the other hand, wants to win over other countries in the region and gain permission to extend its boundaries up to the resource-rich area.