Car Theft: How Secure is Your Car?

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Cars these days have become a huge part of many people’s lives that it is already becoming one of the basic needs after food, shelter, and clothing. We rely on our cars every day to help us get to places we want to go. It gets us to and from home, school, work, and everywhere else. But what if this primary mode of transport of ours gets stolen?

Crime data show that in the United States, a vehicle gets stolen every minute. And the start of the second half of the year, particularly July and August are the top two months for vehicle theft. And now, new data shows that after almost a decade of decline in reported cases, vehicle theft is becoming rampant again. Because of this, everybody in the car business has been working together to prevent these illegal acts, from car manufacturers in Detroit, dealerships in California, to Hyundai dealers in Long Island.

Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that many of the vehicle theft hotspots are in the West Coast, with California and Washington leading the pack. The West Coast saw an average of 10 percent increase in reported cases in the previous year alone. This means your Ford in New York or your Hyundai in Long Island is somewhat safer than most vehicles.

Car theft doesn’t just include the actual vehicles, though. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it’s actually the little things that’s mostly stolen, like the radios, GPS navigation system, iPods, laptops, and purses. The bigger hauls like the car itself is usually sold in parts, with the engine and transmission being the main offers.

This is where the dealer comes in. Many of us usually forego vehicle updates when buying one for cost efficiency. The less updates we get, the lower the price will be. But you don’t need to strip the car to its most basic form, as the upgrades are important.

A Long Island city Hyundai dealer helps in this situation, for those owning a car of the same brand. The Hyundai BlueLink can be installed in the vehicle and help prevent theft. The BlueLink is a driver assistance system similar to GM’s OnStar. This serves as the security and alarm system of the car. With this system, you can pinpoint the whereabouts of the vehicle should it get stolen. You could also receive a notification or send one to the police, control the engine, slow the vehicle down, and immobilize it.

These systems let you safeguard the investment that is your car, and in turn, helps society, as it slams the brakes on rising car thefts.