Chicago Bulls’ Rose Out For The Season

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The Chicago Bulls were a cherry lot, but only until they realized that the comeback of their star player, Derrick Rose was nothing but a cameo. Now, reality has struck the Bulls again and indeed, has become their worst nightmare.

Bulls’ Championship Plans Hit

Rose who had a surgery on Monday morning to repair a torn medial meniscus in his right knee on Chicago will have to forego the rest of the season, said his team. The injury for Rose came about on Friday night at Portland which has come as a big blow not just to the player and his team, but also the entire organization.

With Rose out for the rest of the season, the championship plans of the Bulls have as sure as taken a hard hit. In fact, the team’s long term plans have also been blown up in the air for they depended a lot on their point guard to bail them out of tight spots in tight games.