Tiles being cemented

Concrete Flooring Tips You Might Not Know


Whether you are building a new house or merely renovating an old floor, getting everything right is essential. Otherwise, you risk spending lots of money for nothing. One of the most popular flooring options is concrete, given the material’s properties of durability, beauty and the ability to insulate. Here are four tips to install a concrete floor successfully.

Assemble High-quality Materials

Your floor is arguably the most used part of the house, so you need it to be as sturdy as possible. The best way to ensure that is by investing in good quality materials, from the sand you’ll use to the concrete floor repair products needed. Veer away from vendors that sell products at suspiciously low prices, which often indicate inferior products.

Find a Reputable Contractor

Laying a concrete floor may look simple to the observer, but there are things involved that a novice may not understand. This is not something you want to do yourself if you do not have the skills, especially if you are laying the floor in the entire house. A skilled contractor knows what’s required for a top-notch floor, from rebar to thickness.

Pour the Concrete before Making the Building

If you haven’t built the house yet, then consider laying the concrete floor first. Doing so makes it easier to manoeuvre the space while doing concrete work. Once the slab is complete, you can now build your home around it.

Don’t Forget to Put a Drain

You’ll need to wash your floor regularly. To make things easier for you, consider adding a drain to your floor, and design the floor to slope slightly towards the pipe. The idea is to encourage water to run in the direction of the drain while still making the floor feel stable.

A well-laid concrete floor makes a house instantly feel sturdy while providing better insulation for your living space. It’s a project that you can do successfully with adequate preparation and some help from a skilled contractor.