Concrete Modification

Concrete Modification and Randon Testing for Sustainability Management

Direct Service

Concrete Modification in UtahWhether it is core drilling, flat sawing, epoxy sealing, radon mitigation or concrete cutting and demolition, the construction industry demands skilled operator services and state-of-the-art machinery that will professionally accommodate these processes. These operations include user-friendly positions on compromised cuts, easy-to-assemble components for specialized masonry, and sleek wall-cutting machinery on reduced working spaces for wall sawing.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing entails cutting openings in concrete surfaces — usually concrete walls — to create window openings, vents, and doorways. You, however, need the services of a certified operator to set up and operate the wall-cutting machinery. For wall sawing the operating engineer creates a groove along which the diamond saw blade will run. The saw then cuts the masonry in a series of passes until you achieve the required depth.

While this wall sawing offers an efficient and effective solution for precision masonry in wall cutting, waste disposal should accompany wall sawing services to keep the construction site safe and clean.

Construction and Demolition Materials

Construction and demolition materials, according to, include the debris from construction, demolition and renovation of civil and social structures, such as buildings, bridge and roads. These materials contain bulky materials such as concrete, wood and metals, and other building components. Reducing these materials in construction sites reduces the impact of manufacturing new materials on the environment, and conserves landfill spaces.

Sustainable material management also reduces the overall building expenses on purchase and disposal costs, and cases of radioactive hazards, such as radon.

Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas found in most soils in the United States. Though this gas is colorless and odorless, when in high concentrations, it can cause lung cancer. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) projects that, annually, roughly over 15,000 lung cancer deaths are radon-related, which is the second leading cause after smoking.

Carry out short-term radon tests in your home to reduce chances of lung cancer. However, since radon levels vary from season to season, you can also reach for an expert for an all-year-round long-term radon test.

Many projects in the construction industry demand you use the right strategies to appropriately dispose construction and demolition materials, and other hazardous materials, such as radon. Besides these disposal services, contact well-trained and certified professionals to offer you carefully thought-out systems for concrete modification, such as wall sawing, in West Valley, UT.