Crafting Your Look with an Ultherapy Facelift

On-Point Health

woman looking at the mirrorThe way you see yourself is strongly connected to the way you present yourself to the world. If you feel like you look great, you project an air of confidence that helps you connect to others. If you want to make refinements to the way that you look for a boost to your self-esteem, a non-invasive, quick treatment like an Ultherapy facelift could work for you. These are available from many practitioners and do not require you to have any injections.

How does an Ultherapy facelift help?

Ultherapy uses two types of ultrasound to stimulate a reaction in the body that causes it to generate new collagen and elastin. Your practitioner will use the first type of ultrasound to find the right area to apply your treatment. The second type of ultrasound generates heat, deep in the tissue, to create the desired effect.

How does this help?

Collagen forms about 80% of the skin on the body and gives it shape and firmness. Elastin allows your skin to stretch. We tend to produce less of both of these as we age. This is why the appearance of the skin changes over time, becomes a little looser and develops lines. The only time production levels rise again is when the body receives messages that an area requires healing. The application of gentle heat during an Ultherapy facelift stimulates this response. The extra collagen and elastin that results gives the skin back some of its youthful appearance.

The effect of an Ultherapy facelift is likely to be greater if you have treatment before your skin becomes very loose or lined. It is therefore best to start using this method sooner rather than later.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s reaction to the treatment is different. You may feel some warming caused by the ultrasound and, depending on your tolerance levels, this could feel a little uncomfortable. It is, however, a tangible sign that the ultrasound is having the desired effect.

Can everyone have an Ultherapy facelift?

As with most treatments of this nature, Ultherapy is not advisable for children or pregnant women. There are some medical conditions that are contraindicated. Your practitioner will check through a list of these with you to ensure the treatment will be safe for you.

If you have already had dermal fillers, Ultherapy is not recommended.