Creating a Sanctuary with Luxury Bathroom Essentials

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The bathroom is one of the most intimate areas in the house. It’s no wonder some people go through lengths to ensure this particular area remains luxurious. Naperville’s Direct Buy, America’s leading home improvement and home furnishings club shares helpful tips on how to turn your bathroom into a special retreat.

Lighting and Fixture

DirectBuy Naperville believes setting the right mood is the first step to a luxurious bath. The easiest way to do this is with lighting and fixture. Strip lightings are highly recommended to cast a warm yet dramatic glow to the entire area. A dimmer switch is an option so it’s easier to control the amount of light. Heighten the drama further by installing side fixtures on both sides of the vanity mirror. This will help lend a calming glow that’s a perfect prelude to a quick shower or a luxurious bubble bath.

Bathtub is Non-Negotiable

There’s nothing more pampering than a long soak on your bathtub. Naperville’s Direct Buy feels that to create a sanctuary, a bathtub is non-negotiable. The one-person tub will do the job, but if you can get a bigger one, so much better. Choose a tub long and wide enough so you can stretch with ease. It is best to choose a bathtub in darker colors as light-colored ones tend to look dirtier after some time.

Essential Bath Soaps and Sea Salt

Of course, no bathroom is complete without essentials like soaps and sea salt. DirectBuy Naperville suggests keeping at least one of the following scents; chamomile, peppermint, and cinnamon, or depending on how you would like to feel after taking a dip. A luxurious bath deserves a little bit of splurging so get the best brands money can buy.

Fortunately, you can purchase everything on the list from DirectBuy of Naperville. Drop by the store at 1864 High Grove Lane Suite 124 Naperville, IL 60540 to check out their bathtubs and other bathroom accessories. Call (630) 637-0100 and find out about how they can help you save hundreds of dollars simply by becoming a member today.