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Creative Ways to Update Your Entryway

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An entryway may not be your primary focus when updating your home. However, it is the first room of your home people see when they first walk in the front door.

Therefore, you should make sure it is as inviting as possible. The more inviting your entryway, the more relaxed your guests will feel upon entering your home.

The Entry Door

The first and best way to update your entryway is to invest in a new entryway door. You could find entry doors with the help of reputable experts.

A new entry door can brighten up the space, especially if it has windows that let in more lighting. Natural lighting can help make a small entry space or hallway look more substantial than it is. One elegant option you could consider is interior sliding glass doors.

The Bare Walls

If your entryway walls are bare, consider adding décor to make the space feel more inviting. Fresh Home suggests the addition of carefully placed mirrors since they can add the illusion of depth.

In other words, a strategically placed mirror can make your entryway appear larger. Allow the mirror to capture natural sunlight or a focal point for improved depth.

The Dark Walls

If you have dark paint covering the walls in your entryway, consider slapping on a fresh coat of paint. A light or soft, warm colour of paint offers inviting appeal.

Try a warm grey for a neutral appearance, a pale yellow, a pale bisque colour, or a white with peach or pink undertones. The lighter the colour, the bigger and more inviting the space will seem.

There are ways to ensure guests feel welcome when stepping into your home. Make sure your entryway is as inviting as possible by getting in touch with a professional about entry doors. A professional can help you select a door that best matches the theme and construction of your home.