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Don’t be a “Beach” at the Beach: How You Should Behave at the Shore


Your mum, dad, teacher, or anyone who strictly observes your conduct are not with you on this beach holiday in Zanzibar, but that doesn’t mean that you and your friends should ignore the unspoken etiquettes of being at the beach. If you don’t want to be called a nuisance, below are some things you need to keep in mind. These tips will also make sure that you and your friends enjoy the holiday without getting involved in a random scuffle.

Avoid Areas with Plenty of People When Playing

To actually feel the summer heat, you can sweat up by throwing a Frisbee around or playing volleyball. You can play all sports and games you want, but make sure to do it in an open area. Playing among the holidaymakers will not only cause annoyance; it can even hurt others.

Don’t Puff

The air is free, but that doesn’t mean you own it. Since this is the case, you might as well keep yourself from smoking while you’re out there on the sand. Not only will it exasperate the people soaking in the sun on the next blanket, but it can also bring irreparable damages to the environment. Your cigar butts are actually pollutants that don’t decompose. Instead, they break down into simpler plastic residues that stay in the ecosystem for years.

Respect Local Practices

Don’t expect that you will receive special treatment or do anything that you like just because you’re a tourist. Keep in mind that it’s not your place, and you have to respect whatever customs the locals practice. For instance, when you’re on the island of Zanzibar, never tear the label of the beer you’re drinking. This will make the barman think that you’re not enjoying your drink or the beer is bad.

Use Headphones

Parties don’t always happen on beaches, but that doesn’t mean you have to initiate one by setting up loudspeakers or turning your stereo on. Respect your fellow holidaymakers’ desire to enjoy the beauty of nature and the peace it offers. You can always use your headphones if you want to hear some summer songs and feel the spirit of your vacation.

Going on an all inclusive beach holiday is fun, but it will definitely be more than enjoyable if you don’t spend it arguing with another tourist over your rash behaviour. So pick up your Frisbee and play somewhere else or throw your cigar butts into the rubbish bin.