eBrandz and SEOReseller.com – A Comparison Guide

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Search marketing used to be a supplementary strategy for businesses looking to boost sales and heighten exposure. Today, it’s an essential tool companies of all sizes cannot do without. Success is difficult to achieve unless a business has maximum exposure online and appears on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPS). That said, thousands of SEO vendors are now in existence, with each claiming to deliver expert solutions that produce results.

SEO ServicesAfter an extensive look at the biggest providers of private label SEO services on the internet, two names lead the pack: eBrandz and SEOReseller.com. Get to know the two companies and a brief look into what to expect from each through the comparison guide that follows.

What is the Range of Services Offered?

Both SEO vendors offer a wide variety of products and services covering all aspects of digital marketing. eBrandz boasts of eight primary services, while SEOReseller.com highlights ten. The two put a premium on search engine optimization, but SEOReseller.com takes it a step further by breaking it down into organic, local, and competitive SEO packages. The latter allows for more focused optimization efforts depending on the specific goals of a partner agency’s roster of clients.

As for package inclusion and coverage, both are fairly similar and target crucial components such as on-page elements, link development and strategies, and content marketing. Another similarity is the status reports covering Google Analytics and the status of all SEO efforts.

Other integral services offered by SEOReseller.com and eBrandz include social media marketing and optimization, PPC management, affiliate programs, and web design and development. While there are many other similar services offered and strategies employed by both SEO vendors, there are also key differences between the two.

Differences that Make a Difference

SEO PackagesThere’s no denying that these two industry leading SEO vendors offer among the most comprehensive white label SEO packages, but there are distinctions that undoubtedly make a difference. For example, while both eBrandz and SEOReseller.com offer potential partners free pre-sales proposal, the scenario changes once a partner signs in. There’s a stark difference when it comes to the tools and resources that become available.

SEOReseller.com approaches search engine marketing with a powerful dashboard that includes different tabs featuring information partners and their clients’ need. Some of the most significant details clients can get real-time access to include keyword selection, data from Google Analytics, and ranking updates refreshed on a regular basis. It also allows partners to send branded reports and proposal instantaneously. Moreover, the dashboard now features a link building notification function which notifies the client every time a link is built on the campaign.

eBrandz has a similar dashboard in place that features a partner’s logo on the client’s dashboard. This tool is part of the company’s goal of providing powerful marketing services coupled with customer self-service. This dashboard gives clients an exceptional means of controlling their campaigns, gaining access to important data in real-time, and status tracking as well. eBrandz presents it as a solution that helps clients solidify brand building and reputation management efforts.

SEO and digital marketing will evolve continuously, so trust that major players like eBrandz and SEOReseller.com will constantly update their strategies. Given the dynamics of the trade, expertise will vary among SEO vendors and no one can claim the title of the single best provider. The best way to achieve your online marketing goals is to study the provider’s roster of services carefully, make all the necessary inquiries, and choose the one that offers the right services, which will help your clients rank, and will ultimately translate in better business.