Essential Considerations in Choosing an Above-Ground Storage Tank


Steel storage tanksFor long-term storage, there is no better solution than an above-ground steel tank, which you can buy from firms such as Heartland Tank Services. They are so versatile that you can use them for anything from drinking water to fertilizers, crude oil, and chemicals used as raw materials.

Modern, high resistance units boast durability and longevity. What do you know about this storage solution?

General features

Depending on the usage, a typical storage tank may have special features such as corrosion allowance. You can modify the original design to accommodate the requirements of the substance that you will store.

For instance, you can add specialized coatings systems to ensure that the substance stored remains in optimal condition for the duration of its expected lifespan.

Available types

Fixed and floating roof designs are some of the most popular welded tanks. They are available in a range of capacities so that you can have the exact volume of storage required without a gallon more or a gallon less. A local tank manufacturing and installation company can take care of the erection and maintenance.

Ask them for the availability of repair or modification services offered as well. It may also be relevant to ask about demolition and dismantling services in case you are looking at a specific period of usage for the tank you are purchasing.

Steel grades

Before purchasing a storage vessel, it helps to be familiar with the grades of steel used by manufacturers. There are two types of metal used, and these are stainless and carbon steel. The selection of a suitable grade is critical and must be your priority for long-term usage and value for money.

Low carbon or mild steel is the most commonly used because it is significantly more affordable than stainless types. It is also easier to form and shape being flexible and malleable. You may use low carbon steel for water storage and fares equally well with oil and different types of chemicals.

Steel storage tanks are very useful indeed. For a worthwhile investment, learn about the available options and make the best choice for your home or business.