Extending the Life of your Laptop Battery

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Modern businesses require efficient standalone or custom charger for different applications. Laptops are among the most popular and widely used portable devices today. People use them at home, in the office, and everywhere. Knowing the importance of proper use and care is important to keep laptop batteries working for as long as possible.

Some users, however, don’t pay attention to their battery’s life. It became normal to see them using their laptops without batteries. They just plug the computer using a power adaptor. Laptop users should know how to extend the life of their batteries. These useful ideas will help them achieve this objective.

Don’t Drain It

Using every single remaining power of a laptop’s lithium ion battery actually strains and weakens it. Doing this frequently will shorten the battery’s lifespan. The good news is users can avoid this problem. Most modern laptops shut down even before the battery is empty.

Use Reliable Chargers

Modern technology provides more charging options for almost all devices or applications. The use of a custom or semi-custom charger is now popular among companies and individuals. Laptop owners should only use high quality and reliable chargers to ensure best results. Multi-bay chargers are among the most widely used type today. They allow multiple laptop battery charging, and are ideal for schools, hospitals, and businesses.

Keep It Cool

Heat affects the battery and reduces its life span. Users should make sure the vents are unblocked when they use their laptops. Placing them on a raised stand that allows for sufficient airflow will keep the batteries cool. Cleaning the vents regularly is also helpful.

Give It a Break

Like any other device, your computer particularly its battery needs time to rest. Give it a break by removing it when you’re working exclusively on AC power. Never remove the battery, though, while the computer is on. This will possibly crash the system and damage the hardware. Inserting a battery into a running laptop is likewise not advisable. It is ideal to remove or reinsert it only when the computer is off or hibernating.

Caring for your battery is easy when you’re well informed. Click here to learn more about battery care, charging, and maintenance.