Five Ways to Attract Online Customers

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Many customers prefer online shopping, but it only takes seconds to decide whether they will stay or leave a page. Different companies offer similar services online, but take note that your biggest competitor is the browser’s back button.

online customersHere are five ways to gain and keep online customers:

First impression lasts

The web design is the most important because if it is ugly, your customers will simply leave the page. Avisitor’s purchase decision only takes seven seconds, so be sure that your website is appealing. If customers do not like it, they will never come back.

Regularly update your website

More customers get attracted to a website that is updated regularly because they always want the latest. Search engines recommend websites that have fresh and recently added content.

Add videos

Video greatly helps to generate sales. People like to watch and listen to happy testimonials. It helps to build trust. Birmingham video production companies note the steady rise in the number of businesses that incorporate the medium on their websites.

Everyone loves promos

Everyone loves promos and discounts. This is a great way to attract customers and spread the word about your online business. You will surely become an option for first time buyers if you give them freebies. It has been proven that the word “free” creates irrational excitement. Make your regular customers feel important by giving them special offers such as “Buy 2, get 50% discount on third purchase” or the like.

Invest in professional web design

Free is nice, but to generate more traffic, you have to invest in professional web designing. It will surely improve the quality of your site content because they know how to satisfy customer’s requirement.

Your website can make or break any deal, so be sure that your site can be an asset to your business.