Fort Hood Trial- Prosecutors Getting To Motive

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Prosecutors fighting in the Fort Hood trial that involved an Army psychiatrist going on a shooting rampage in 2009 are slowly moving towards deciphering the motive behind the violence perpetrated by the accused. As per reports, the prosecutors will pretty soon begin to answer what is a key question in the trial- why did Major Nidal Hasan attack other soldiers in a US military base in what turned out to be the worst mass violence.

A Few Hints

Here are a few hints to the motive behind the Fort Hood mass shooting. Hasan in a brief opening statement had told the jurors that he had ‘switched sides’ in ‘America’s war with Islam’ and even believed that he could become a martyr.

Military prosecutors in their opening statement opined that Hasan felt he had a need to discharge his ‘jihad duty’.

A few jurors are of the mindset has Hasan was trying to get out of deploying to prove which they said they could even bring forth witnesses.