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Four Interesting Facts about Lasers

Direct Service

The laser is a noteworthy invention because it has benefited many people. For example, people in the media industry use it for compact discs, while designers use it to engrave art on specific products. Who knew that a beam of light would turn out to have numerous industrial applications? Here’s an in-depth look at how lasers are used by society today.

Laser Engraving

With a laser-etching machine from AP Lazer, one can design a tumbler or a plate with individual artwork. This has provided an opportunity for artists to set up shops as laser engravers for clients who need names engraved on memorials or brand logos etched on their merchandise.

Barcode Scanners

Lasers are also used in shops as part of barcode scanners. These tools scan the barcode or the black bars stickered on products bought by shoppers, which tell how much the product costs. This also prevents shoplifting because scanners by the exit of the shop can detect barcodes that haven’t been checked by cashiers.

Compact Discs

Compact discs or CDs usually contain audio files, while video compact discs or VCDs contain film. These also have lasers involved because the discs are placed inside CD or VCD players, which use lasers to detect and play the song or video in the discs.

Medical Treatment

Eye treatments use lasers to give clear vision to patients who have eye problems. This works when the ophthalmologist directs a precise laser beam to the eye with poor eyesight, removing some tissue that could be causing poor vision.

Scanning Information

In summary, lasers are inventions worth noting because they have contributed a lot to the medical, media, design, and business fields. People use lasers to play CDs, scan items bought by shoppers, and fix poor eyesight. Without these beams of light, businesses wouldn’t be as advanced as they are today.