From Letters to Wires: A Brief History of Communication

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People in the past had their own ways of communicating. They would sometimes make strange sounds or draw symbols that are too difficult to understand today. Before modern men invented telephone, people would also send signals using smoke. Innovations abolished these primitive means. Systematic techniques replaced them and kept on evolving.


People also used the service of a messenger who would deliver the message on foot. Learned people usually write letters in Latin. The Middle Ages marked the popularity of writing. Even people who lived in the same abode would exchange correspondences.

People in the U.S. initiated a mail delivery system called the Pony Express. The service promised that delivery would be faster in between Missouri and California.  The invention of train and railroads caused the service to cease.


Samuel Morse brought communication to the next level with a series of dots and dashes that could convey a message. People who used this system would only have to type in dots and dashes and the message would be sent from one station to another. Despite being a breakthrough in the field of communication, the telegraph system was still slow, as it could only carry one letter at a time.


Alexander Graham Bell did not resort to a communication tool that only used dots and dashes. He worked with Thomas A. Watson, a maker of electrical gadgets. “Mr. Watson, come here — I want to see you.”  were the historic words that signified the birth of a new communication system.

Watson built the first telephone after finding out how it worked. Bell acquired a patent from Watson on 1876. Elisha Gray also filed a patent for the same invention, and The Western Union bought it, believing that Gray invented the telephone. The Western Union tried to acquire the patent from Bell, but things turned around when Bell challenged the company, in which Bell won.

The invention of telephone brought many advances in other fields. Businesses mainly depend on communication to make processes, such as manufacture and delivery, easier. Business telephone systems in Dallas are one proof of this innovation.

The cited means only prove that communication is an important human activity. Visit this link if you believe in the importance of communication.