Fun, Relaxing Home Staycation with Outdoor Umbrellas

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Umbrellas accomplish the job when it comes to dealing with the blazing heat and driving rain. Using umbrellas is a perfect way to keep the sun away when outdoors. They not only provide shading, but the wide variety of options in the market also makes them pretty accents for any outdoor space.

Outdoor umbrellas in Brisbane come in several styles, depending on your activities or location. Instaco, one of the leading companies in Australia providing innovative, high-quality shade and outdoor solutions, offers some types of outdoor umbrellas you can use for your home.

Market or Patio Umbrella

Market or patio umbrellas work well for shading chairs or patio tables. Often, their canopies are made of polyester or acrylic, synthetic materials that block sunlight and moisture. These materials also hold up well to the sun and rain. A patio umbrella makes outdoor activity fun and comfortable in any type of weather.

Beach Umbrella

Beach resorts offer their customers umbrellas on the sand. The canopies often look similar to market and patio umbrellas. Their poles, however, usually don’t have tilt options. Sometimes the bottom of the pole will have a sharp tip you can use to screw the umbrella into the sand. If the pole does not come with a sharp tip, buy a separate base to screw the umbrella pole into. Some of the bases even come with attached tables where you can set your drinks, reading material, or sunscreen.

Wall Mount

Buy a durable umbrella that can be mounted to your wall, too. Wall mounts have rotating and tilting arms so you can control the position and angle of the canopy. Check the specifications carefully before buying a wall mount model. It may require specific types of hanging material or must be hung in specific portions of the wall.


The base and pole stand to one side of the canopy. This type offers an easy solution to homeowners who already own patio tables without a hole in the middle. You don’t need to buy a new table or cut a messy hole in your old one. Makes sure to measure properly so that you ensure the base sits far enough when you eat or sit to play games. Quality offset umbrellas should be wide enough that the base and pole don’t obstruct your activity.

Outdoor umbrellas are available in many styles that you can choose to fit your needs perfectly. Whether you read, eat, sleep, or relax outside with the family, you can improve your protection from the weather and your comfort. With companies like Instaco, you can add elegance to your backyard with outdoor umbrellas. Visit this website for more shade and outdoor solutions.