Gearing Up for the Great Outback

Straight Study

camper van on the roadWhether you are trekking across the country or simply out for a weekend camping trip with the family, you will want to make the most of your mini adventure. Be sure that you pack up and pack a-plenty. Fun and adventure awaits you on the great Australian outdoors and you would not want to miss out on anything.

The problem is, with all of the needed outdoor gear, you often end up having barely enough room to fit into your vehicle. Fortunately, having a trusty roof rack can save the day and your holiday with it. If you are planning road trip in the Perth area, consult specialists like Tom’s Towbars for trusty roof racks to accessorise your vehicle with.

Installing the roof rack

Having a professional install your roof rack can save you from mishaps and possible damages to your vehicle. Roof racks come with attachment points that need to align your car. If you are a handy person, here are some points to consider before installing and using roof racks in Perth.

  • Height – It is easy to ignore low overhang warnings, but is understandably a no-no when you have a loaded roof. You would not want to have a road mishap and have all your gear strewn about on the road.
  • Balance – Pack your gear tightly to avoid load shifts. Driving around can be tricky when the balance is compromised.
  • Weight – Over-packing can cause lower gas mileage and even vehicle damage. Make sure you do not go overboard and that you pack only the essentials.
  • Accessibility – Pack heavier gear first and those that are most needed on top for easy access. Endless packing and unpacking can waste too much time.

The types of roof racks

The three most common roof racks are side rails, towers, and mounts. With a boosted storage capacity, you can enjoy a comfortable ride when you have reliable roof racks while adventuring in Perth WA to stow away your outdoor gear.

You and your companions can enjoy a spacious trip as you look upon the great outback where kangaroos and dingos abound.