Going the DIY Route: Roof Maintenance Hacks You Should Know

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Perth weather can be brutal — wind, rain and sun can wear your roof down and cause problems that crop up when you least expect it. In Perth, roofing repairs may come during the rainy season when everyone else is looking for a repairman just like you. The last thing you want is to be told that you’d have to wait a few days before someone can see your house.

roofingWhile calling for Perth roofing repairs may be inevitable, it costs less to maintain your roof on your own. Here are some DIY tips and tricks you can do to maintain your house’s roof:

• Clean the Gutters

More often than not, a small child’s toy flung in the air and never recovered or a whole bunch of leaves and debris blown into the gutter are responsible for clogs. When your gutter clog, the water can overflow or even worse, seep into your home through small cracks in the walls and roof.

• Check the Flashing

In fact, check every hole you have on your roof if your earlier cover-ups and repairs are still in place. No matter what you do, these holes are the structural weaknesses of your home and you have to monitor them in case you need to replace the roofing entirely.

• Cut Off Tree Limbs Hanging Over Your Roof

The leaves, debris and possible footholds for animals and people onto your roof are hazards waiting to happen. What’s more, storms can batter the branches and damage your roof when the latter snaps off.

• Inspect Your Attic

Use a bright light to see any discolouration on the ceiling so you know if there’s some seepage or small leaks. The first place you should look for leaks is your attic. Ideally, you should also address leaks before they move downward to the main part of the house.

Walking around your house and doing some preventive maintenance is always a good thing. While being too paranoid just adds to your stress, dealing with a leaking roof in the middle of a storm is even more stressful.