Government Measures To Help Disabled People To Get More Employed

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The UK government is to launch a campaign that would help people with disabilities to get more employed. Included is a plan is to offer disabled youngsters new internships and training to get them jobs. A government research showed that employer’s attitudes were a constraint for employing disabled people. Ministers want companies to alter their recruitment policies in the wake of these findings.

A government funded scheme is to be given to 16 to 24 year olds with complex learning difficulties and disabilities. This internship will be run by further education colleges with help from expert career coaches. Employers also will be given help from the coaches and encouraged to recruit disabled young people. As part of these internships, youngsters will get help in writing a CV, work placements up to five months, interview practice and training in English and maths.

But some disability benefits advocates say that this measure would help but comes in the back drop of benefits cuts to the disabled.