Happy Horse Riding: 3 Essential Pieces of Horse Riding Gear

Straight Study

Horse Riding GearHorse riding is an activity that remains popular to this day. While times and equipment have changed, there are still three essential items that every aspiring equestrian needs to get before they giddy up.


Helmets come in a variety of styles, but the most important factor is fit. A good helmet should have comfortable padding and vents that will cool you off in the heat. While you cannot put a price on safety, you can put a price on fashion. Getting a cool yet comfortable helmet is a good investment.


Breeches are essential to the modern rider. They provide grip on your saddle that can help you stay on your horse through rough terrain. There are three types of riding breeches:

  • Knee-patch breeches are made of leather and are popular for hunt seat riders who need extra grip along the inseam of the knee area.
  • Full seat breeches aim to provide maximum support and security. Often made with stretchy compression fabrics, full seat breeches provide comfort and snug fit that flattens and flatters your physique.
  • Jodhpurs are full-length riding pants that are close fitting from waist to ankle. Primarily used by children, this protects the inner calf from friction generated from rubbing against the sides of the horse.


You can’t get on your horse without the proper footwear. Boots are available in two styles—Western (Cowboy) and English. Cowboy boots are typically in the middle when it comes to length. They're longer than paddock boots, but shorter than field boots used in show events.

Remember that equestrian gear is about safety, style, and comfort. Base your choices on your type of horse riding activity before you get riding.