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Host it Right: Birthday Party Etiquette

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Your child’s birthday party is more than just a simple celebration with cakes, balloons, and presents. There are plenty of issues involved when you’re hosting or organizing your kid’s party. Learn how to organize a wonderful birthday bash by doing the following:

Inviting Classmates

Don’t feel obligated to invite all of your child’s classmates if it doesn’t fit your budget. If you’re not inviting everyone, make sure to talk to your kid about discretion. If you’re planning to invite nearly the whole class, however, it is best to invite everyone.

Creating Party Invitations

While electronic invitations are convenient and affordable, they don’t let your child to be part of the process. When it comes to the invitation for a children’s birthday party, let your child take part in the design process. You can also go for a custom design invitation and ask your child’s opinion. You can use your email to send out a party reminder.

Serving Food and Drinks

Although a catering company can take out the stress in preparing meals for guests, it is not practical. Some kids and guests would like to have simple meals and fast food. If the party is going to be a large affair, you can hire a local fast food chain to help you. Just make sure to avoid serving fancy foods that kids are not familiar with.

Giving Party Favors

Goodie bags are necessary at any children’s party. Giving them out, however, depends on the party style. In some cases, you can send guests home with cupcakes, muffins, or cupcake liners with candies or balloons. You can also give out take home bubbles with wands, which can be popular with children of all ages. Party hats and whistles are also good choices.

Opening Presents

Teach your child about opening gifts and being thankful upon receiving them. In opening presents, however, a few guests can get bored and your child will want to play with the new gift immediately. Once you have decided to open the gifts while the party is ongoing, it is better to instill order. Tell other kids that they will get the party favors later on. Remind your child to enjoy the party first and focus on playing later.

Keep these things mind to throw a fun birthday party. Make sure to send birthday invitations early on to plan for your budget and other party essentials.