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How Aerial Yoga Improves Concentration

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According to research presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in New Orleans, yoga reduces anxiety, improves concentration, and motivates people in as short as eight weeks. With all these benefits, many people look for different types of yoga that suit them. These include AntiGravity, a type of aerial yoga.

Many young professionals today live busy lifestyles, so they look for exercise programs that have both physical and mental benefits. If you’re among those who want to improve their level of concentration, here are some reasons why you should get started on aerial yoga:

Mental Clarity

AntiGravity yoga poses have you draw all attention to the body, especially the muscles and joints. This helps you focus on a specific position, like mounting and getting off the hammock properly. The same goes for your daily activities. By improving your level of concentration, you’ll be less distracted, regardless of the environment and work you’re doing.


Many experts believe that proper breathing helps increase awareness, while allowing the mind and body to relax. Aerial yoga involves slow and deep breaths as you change poses. This doesn’t only increase the amount of oxygen you inhale, but also helps you calm down. The mind will focus better because you won’t be worried about the situations around you.


AntiGravity yoga exercises have positive effects on the endocrine system. It helps the body regulate and excrete hormones into the bloodstream. This way, your mood is uplifted and there is a significant improvement in your behavior and overall well-being. People who have attention problems can benefit from this, as they’ll develop better self-control. You become less likely give in to distractions, which makes you more productive.

Improved concentration is only among the biggest benefits you’ll get by trying aerial yoga. Find yoga studios that offer beginner classes near your area to discover more of what it has to offer.