How to Go Green in the Office: A Guide for Companies

Straight Market

green cultureAn initiative in your company to pursue eco-friendliness can not only help with environmental conservation but also brand your business as one that cares for the environment. Such a status can then become an attractive feature that will reel clients to work with you or employees to work for you.

How will you “go green,” however? You can follow practices ranging from simple changes — turning off lights and electronics not in use; to drastic initiatives — changing to alternative septic tank systems.

Conserve Energy

Turning off electronic devices and equipment, lighting, and heating can immensely reduce your energy consumption in the office, especially during the evening.

Aside from turning things off, you can also unplug most of your electronics since plugged devices still use electricity. When you want more radical energy measures, you can install solar panels to use renewable energy.

Use More Sunlight

During the day, you can maximise the sunlight that enters your company’s offices. With more natural light, you can rely less on your lighting, leading to lesser energy consumption. At the same time, natural lighting can actually boost worker productivity up by 15 per cent.

Change to Natural Wastewater Treatment

Aside from energy, you can also go green with your waste. When you have a commercial building for your company, the toilets and sinks will be making volumes of waste.

Septic tanks can be costly to maintain and operate, however; you can have less wastewater treatment expenses when you use alternative septic tank systems.

Recycle Office Supplies

Finally, you can go green with your office supplies as well. Recycling used paper that still has one side blank can save paper yearly. Reusable pens and markers that are refillable can also give you savings pens and markers themselves.

When you can’t recycle recyclable items yourself, you can collect them instead and give them to recycling services.

With only the options above, you can initiate a green culture in your company for the benefit of your bottom line as well as the environment.