How To Keep Construction Sites Safe

On-Point Health

Construction safety equipmentEvery year, there are hundreds of fatal accidents at construction sites. Safety awareness, along with caution by construction site workers, can prevent many of these accidents. It is the responsibility of the construction manager to ensure their crew’s safety while on the job. Here are some of the most important safety features a construction site should have:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Employers should be able to provide all their workers with construction safety equipment from quality brands like 3S Site + Safety Supplies. All employees should have face and eye protection in the presence of molten metal, flying particles, caustic liquids and chemical vapours. These are common hazards in chipping, sanding, masonry and welding. Highly visible clothing and vests should be worn when working in areas that are not well lit. Both construction managers and workers should also ensure every piece of protective equipment is in good condition before use.

When buying personal protective equipment, make sure that it meets the local and international occupational safety standards.

Falls Protection

Falls are one of the leading causes of fatalities on construction sites. Workers need to be familiar with possible fall hazards at the site before and during construction. Employers should install guardrails, lifelines and safety nets for employees who are working or walking on surfaces at least 2 metres above the lower levels without protected sides. Workers should also wear hard hats to protect themselves from falling items.

Scaffolding Safety

Crews working on scaffolds are in danger of falling and getting electrocuted. They should have non-skid boots and tool lanyards to prevent falls.  Workers should also be advised to never surpass the maximum load while working on scaffolds. All scaffolding needs to be erected on solid footing, be fully planked and not less than 3 metres away from electricity lines. Guardrails, toe boards and mid rails should be erected on the scaffolding to protect workers.

Construction is one of the most valuable, yet dangerous trades in society. New Zealand statistics show that it is the industry with the second highest number of fatalities in the country. Thankfully, with the right equipment and safety measures, workplace accidents and fatalities can be prevented.