How to Look Your Best in Wedding Photos


wedding photographerHaving great wedding photos is not just the responsibility of the photographer. The bride and groom play a big part in the outcome. This is why it is very important to master your perfect pose and start looking your best. To help you achieve great wedding pictures, here are a few tips.

Relax and Enjoy the Moment

The key to getting good photographs is relaxing and enjoying the moment. Don’t over think your pose or how you will look in the pictures. Instead, be natural and relax. Keep in mind your photo shoot is all about capturing the romance, excitement, and intimacy of the day. Look at your new spouse and learn to savor the moment. Through this, you’ll get candid and more natural-looking shots.

The Engagement Session

Having a pre-wedding shoot is important for you and your wedding photographer. This will give you an opportunity to know your photographer more and learn to relax in front the camera. This can also relieve wedding jitters, as you already know the wedding photographer’s style.

Forget the Camera

When you’re at the photo shoot, forget the camera and try to be warm and playful. You can whisper a joke to your spouse or remind one another of how far you’ve come since your first date. To add more emotion, you can also recall how you felt the first time you told each other about your love. Through this, the photographer can capture more natural expressions.

Be Comfortable

When shooting for engagement and portraits, wear flattering but comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing clothes that bother you or shoes that hurt your feet. When you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’ll also feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Posing Properly

Posing in front of the camera makes most brides and grooms uncomfortable. To make this experience less unnerving, start looking at the wedding portraits you like. You can also look at wedding blogs to get inspiration about working your poses. The best positions, however, are the ones you feel comfortable doing. Strike a pose that comes naturally. You can also listen to your photographer’s advice, but let them know if their suggestion feels uncomfortable.

By following these tips, you can capture the best moments in your wedding day. And when you look back on such photos, you will remember the happiness and love shared on that special day.