How to Make Your Home Accessible and Safe for Persons with Disabilities

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Close up of wheel chairIf you have a family member who has a disability, you want to make sure your home is both safe and accessible to them. This is to ensure that they feel at ease all the time.

Here’s how you can make this possible:

Put railings in different parts of the house

There are certain areas in the house where railings are needed to help people with disabilities avoid falls and slips. To make sure the railings are strong, you need to make a deal with a trusted welding shop. Search for welding shops in Edmonton for all your railing needs.

Increase parking space

A larger parking space is beneficial for people using a wheelchair when trying to get out of the car. This provides enough space for them to move around freely. Even those who don’t have disabilities will like a more spacious parking space, as this will give them more freedom of movement.

Add a small peephole on the door

When carving out a peephole on your door, make sure it’s low enough that a person in a wheelchair can use it. If it’s not possible to add a peephole in the door, a small window at the side of the door will do.

Replace knob handles with level-handles

Door handles can be difficult to manipulate. As an alternative, it may be better for people with disabilities if you replace knobs with levers instead. Everyone will benefit as even those who are carrying a lot of things will find it easier.

If persons with disabilities are to live well in your home, you need to do some changes on how things are done inside the house. Otherwise, their safety may be compromised. Even small changes or improvements can make a big difference.